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In addition to the MKG Board, The Madison Knitters Guild has many committees and positions to manage the multitude of MKG activities. Click on a committee or position name below to see job duties.

 Advertising  Terry Rutlin
 Community Projects  Lynn Levin and Rae Sprague
 Hospitality  Jordan Pitzner
 Knit Along (KAL)  Ruth Cadoret
 Knit-Aid  Liz Avery and Sylvie Schuresko
 Knit-In  Theresa Schabes
 Library  Courtney Gradel
 Membership  Carol Spiegel
 Neighborhood Knits   Nancy Hilmanowski
 Newsletter   Laura Simdon and Ada Lai
 Programs  Susan Ecroyd
 Publicity/Marketing   Linda Kilgore and Mae Knowles
 Special Events  Jane Grogan
 Website/Communications   Stacy Parenteau

To contact a committee, please use our contact form and select the appropriate committee or position name from the category list. Your message will be routed to the correct committee. Alternatively, click on "contact this committee" at the end of the committee's description below.

MKG Committees and Positions - Job Duties


  • Solicit advertising for newsletter.
  • Work with newsletter committee as needed.
  • Schedule vendors for Guild meetings (Sept-April).
  • Update website with advertiser and vendor information.
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Community Projects

  • At Home
    • Add yarn ties to paper tags
    • Look for free patterns for use in kits or newsletter
    • Mend or finish a project
    • Test a new pattern or make a sample for community table

  • At Guild Meetings
    • Assist at community table: set-up, collect incoming donations, distribute kits, pack up
    • Assist with December sale: set-up, cashier, pack up, etc

  • Other
    • Assist with preparation of "Ready-to-Knit" kits
    • Deliver knit items to local agencies
    • Occasional or one-time pick up of donations
    • Assist with December Sale preparation, bagging and pricing yarn
    • Request free baggies from local stores


  • Staff the Hospitality Table:
    • Welcome meeting attendees
    • Facilitate door prize sign-up
    • Distribute and collect event registrations
    • Provide directions
    • Sell fundraising items
    • Distribute advertising flyers

  • Show and Tell
    • Encourage participation
    • Organize sign-up
    • Collect project information slips

  • End of Year Party
    • Arrange catering
    • Organize member sale (an opportunity for members to sell knitting-related items from their personal collections)

  • Brown Bag Exchange
    • Organize all aspects of the exchange
      (Each October, participants bring yarn appropriate for the chosen project type in an opaque bag, then trade bags with another participant. All participants take a bag of yarn home, knit the designated project, and bring it to the May meeting. The person who submitted the yarn receives a project made from that yarn.)

Knit Along (KAL)




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Neighborhood Knits




Special Events


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